236 Roxbury Road, Southbury, CT 06488 (Inside the Entrance to O&G Quarry)

236 Roxbury Road, Southbury, CT 06488 (Inside the Entrance to O&G Quarry)

236 Roxbury Road, Southbury, CT 06488 (Inside the Entrance to O&G Quarry)236 Roxbury Road, Southbury, CT 06488 (Inside the Entrance to O&G Quarry)

Please help support the dog park!

 Southbury Dog Park is operated by an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and we receive all funding from donors like you!  We have no paid staff and receive no funding from any town or municipality.  And, 100% of your tax-deductible donations go to Park operations!  Please give today!  Thanks .

To send us a donation directly, 

make checks payable to "Friends of the Dog Park, Inc."

and mail it to: 

  • Friends of the Dog Park Inc.
    P.O. Box 58
    Southbury, CT 06488

OR...just click on the secure PayPal donation link below: Thank you!

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About Us


14 Acres of Fields, Woods, Trails, and a River!

Southbury Dog Park is a 14-acre, off-leash dog park that welcomes all people and dogs! We have a fenced-in small-dog area, a huge open field, a beautiful and accessible river, two wooded trails, tables and benches, and plenty of poopy bags! Come by and say hello! Sustained by volunteers and hundreds of donors, we're at 236 Roxbury Road in Southbury (just inside the entrance to O&G Industries). We'd love to see you!  


One of the Top Dog Parks in the U.S.!

We love our dog park, and we know it's great!  But...it's nice to be recognized by others, too.  Recently, the website “BarkPost” named Southbury Dog Park one of the “Top 16” dog parks in the U.S. and the best in the Northeast!  Thanks, BarkPost! 


If you love dogs, you'll love Southbury Dog Park!

The dog park is a fun, friendly, and happy place to be, for dogs and people alike!  With lots of tables and benches, trails to explore, and access to the Pomperaug River, we know you'll love it, too!  Stop by soon, at 236 Roxbury Road, Southbury, just inside the entrance to O&G Industries.

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Enjoy the Park? Follow the Rules!

Enjoy the Park? Follow the Rules!

Enjoy the Park? Follow the Rules!


The Dog Park is on land owned by O&G Industries.  To be a good guest, please follow these rules, so that we can continue to enjoy O&G's hospitality safely and pleasantly.   

 · Always clean up after your dog. 

· Never leave dogs unattended. 

· Children must be under close supervision at all times. 

· You must leash your dog(s) when entering and exiting the park. 

· Fill any holes dug by your dog.  

 The following are NOT PERMITTED: 

· Aggressive dogs 

· Retractable leashes 

· Dogs in heat 

· Dogs under four months of age 

· Unlicensed or unvaccinated dogs. (Dogs must wear current tags.) 

· Dogs with fleas 

· Dogs with any contagious condition 

Remember: YOU are responsible for your dog!  By State law, you are responsible for damages or injuries inflicted by your dog.  

Board of Directors

Enjoy the Park? Follow the Rules!

Enjoy the Park? Follow the Rules!


"Friends of the Southbury Dog Park, Inc." is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation responsible for operating, maintaining, and improving the Southbury Dog Park.  Our all-volunteer Board of Directors is dedicated to ensuring that the Dog Park is a safe, pleasant, and fun place for dogs and thier people.  To support the park, we ask park visitors for donations, 100% of which go to park maintenance, upkeep, and improvement.  The Board of Directors is:

Ron Hurt, President

Lorraine DeStefano, Treasurer

Jon Norris, Secretary

Barbara Adams

Sandy Charles

Alex Diehl

Sharon Elias

Bill Holland

Jon Norris

What People Are Saying

Enjoy the Park? Follow the Rules!

"THANK YOU" to O&G Industries!


"Love the dog park!" --M. T.

"Thank you so much for giving a place for Sable to run, swim, and socialize!" --D. M.

"We love the dog park--thank you!" --P. & L.

"A most wonderful park!!!" -B. P.

"Thanks for all you do!!" -D. R.

"Rosie's favorite place to be! Thank you!" -K. C.

"Great park!" -M. & L.

"Best dog park ever!" -M. C.

"Love the park!" -A. M.

"Fantastic park--beautifully maintained!  My dog loves it!!" -D.G.

"LOVE having access to this amazing park.  Thank you for all you do!" -D.C.

"Thanks for your great work!" -K.F.

"Our two dogs have passed on, but the park is a fantastic place to be, with lots of memories." -D.C.

"Awesome dog park!" -B. S.

"Thank you for all you do!" -K.V.

"Thank you so much for this special place." -L.S.

"THANK YOU" to O&G Industries!

"THANK YOU" to O&G Industries!

"THANK YOU" to O&G Industries!


The Southbury Dog Park only exists through the generosity of O&G Industries, which has for 17 years now allowed the Dog Park to use its land.  So...when you see this sign at at 236 Roxbury Road in Southbury, you'll know why all the doggies say "Woof, woof, woof!"  (Translation: "This is the entrance to the dog park!")

Recent Activities

"THANK YOU" to O&G Industries!

Recent Activities


We work hard to maintain and improve the dog park.  

Recently, we planted a beautiful new Red Maple tree to replace one that didn't make it through the drought. 

We also installed a sturdy, new fence at the rear of the small-dog area, and we are getting very positive feedback about it.  

We recently took delivery on a load of topsoil (stored near our rear entrance), which can be used to fill in holes dug by the dogs.  (Feel free to use the soil yourself if your dog digs!)  

All our maintenance and improvements are supported by the extraordinary generosity of our donors.  Thanks to everyone's gifts--and O&G's generous use of their land--we have a beautiful park for all to enjoy.


"THANK YOU" to O&G Industries!

Recent Activities


Is the park completely fenced?

No. The small-dog area is totally fenced, but the rest of the park is not.  It is "contained," however, by some natural barriers: thick bushes, woods, and the river.

Do I have to be a Southbury resident?

No!  We welcome all visitors!

Do I have to have a dog to visit?

No!  Many people come to the park just to enjoy the peace and quiet and to watch the dogs!

What if the parking lot is full?  

Because there is often heavy truck traffic from O&G, you must obey the "No Parking" signs near the front parking area.  We do have another parking area, however, at the rear of the park, accessed by the road to the right just past the main parking area.  This road leads to the rear parking lot, which has three, posted parking spots for vehicles with handicapped privileges.

What if there is an "incident"?

  • Anyone involved in an incident should exchange names and phone numbers.
  • Witnesses to incidents should identify themselves to the dog owners.
  • The owner of the offending dog should offer to pay for vet bills, doctor bills, and replace damaged property

A Map of the Dog Park


Lots of Room to Roam!

Fields, woods, trails, a river, benches, tables, and more!  Please note the additional parking area near the head of the North Trail, reached via the Access Road.  Also, note that there is easy access to the river on both the North Trail and the South Trail.  Enjoy!


Access to the Pomperaug River!

Both the North Trail and the South Trail lead to small places where your dogs and you can enjoy the beautiful Pomperaug!


Fenced-in Small Dog Area!

Friendly folks and small pups make this part of the park extremely popular!

Contact & Directions

Just look look for the entrance sign to O&G Industries, our generous hosts, at 236 Roxbury Road

Southbury Dog Park

Southbury Dog Park, 236 Roxbury Rd, Southbury, Connecticut 06488. Mail: PO Box 58, Southbury , CT 06488


Open every day, year-round, from dawn to dusk.

Drop us a line!


"The Friends of the Southbury Dog Park, Inc."

We are an all-volunteer nonprofit organization committed to overseeing and maintaining a safe social environment for the enjoyment of dog owners and their pets.

Our Goals

  • Provide volunteer help to oversee, maintain, and improve the dog park. 
  • Provide financial support for supplies, equipment and capital improvements.
  • Foster a good working relationship with park users and O & G Industries, on whose land the park resides.
  • Regularly communicate to park users any news affecting the dog park.
  • Serve as an advocate for the dog park and represent its interests at community meetings and with appropriate governmental bodies.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When visiting our park, please remember to lock your vehicle and keep valuables out of sight.  While rare, we have had some thefts from vehicles...so be careful!